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Create, edit, and synchronize subtitles effortlessly
Subtitle Edit v3.5
18 Sep 2020
Editorial review
Subtitle Edit v3.4
14 Jul 2014
Editorial review
Subtitle Edit v3.3
9 Jun 2012
Subtitle Edit v3.3b
3.3 β
9 Oct 2013
Subtitle Edit v3.2
1 May 2011
Subtitle Edit v3.1
3 Feb 2011
Editorial review
Subtitle Edit v3.0
13 Oct 2010

What's new

v3.5 [27 Oct 2016]
* NEW:
* "mpv" media player now works on Linux - thx var1ap
* Added new subtitle format - thx Siavash
* Added new export format "EDL/ClipName" - thx alex
* Updated Hungarian translation - thx ZityiSoft Team
* Updated Russian translation - thx Elheym
* Updated Romanian translation - thx Mircea
* Updated Finnish translation - thx Teijo
* Updated French Translation - thx JM GBT
* Updated Bulgarian Translation - thx Maknol
* Updated Chinese translation - thx Leon/tinyboxvk
* Language auto-detect now includes Latvian and Lithuanian - thx rhazor
* Added "Custom text format" in "Batch convert" - thx Chamallow
* "EBU stl" now only prompt for settings in "Save as..." - thx Debora
* Fixed libre office spell checking urls - thx Massaguana
* Fixed possible crash when generating scene changes - thx Leemet
* Fixed issues with moving rules in "Multiple replace" - thx kristiaanvk
* Fixed list view issues regarding remember selected position - thx darnn
* EBU stl saves empty file if saving is cancelled - thx ivandrofly/jjtronics
* Fixed possible crash in textbox with italic - thx ivandrofly
* Fixed bug in file naming after extracting sub from mkv - thx mzso
* Fixed bottom margin in image export of SSA/ASS - thx maddox
* "Find" always try to find the next occurrence - thx Boulder08
* Fixed "Remove text for HI" issue reagarding colons - thx Boulder08
* Fix "Fix missing spaces" issue regarding Finnish/Swedish colons - thx Boulder08
* Fix two issues with "Fix common errors" - thx Tronar
* OCR fix rules: fix for weird Unicode comma (#x201A) - thx djc
* Fixed some issues with "Save original as..." - thx Stefan
* Fix for "DVD Studio Pro" italic handling - thx Sean
* Fixed saving correct value in "Delete auto-backup after months" - thx Elheym
* Fixed buggy ELR time code parsing - thx darnn
* Fixed overlap bug in auto-duration - thx rebawest

v3.4 [14 Jul 2014]
* NEW:
* Added Thai translation - thx Bonfelder Stra├če
* MPC-HC can be now used as video player
* Choosing of output time code format in Timed Text 1.0 properties
* Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated Korean translation - the domddol
* Updated Turkish translation - thx Kaan
* Updated Romanian translation - thx Mircea
* OCR fix replace list now has a "user" file
* Names etc list now has a "user" file
* NHunspell updated to latest version - thx alfaproject
* Improved "Fix invalid italic tags"
* Allows for "" input in Timed Text 1.0
* Better error messages when saving a file fails - thx Andrew
* Some performance improvements
* Fixed some typos + a few cases of incorrect casing
* Fixed subtitle drag-n-drop bug - thx Andrew
* Fixed crash in TS parser (reading AdaptationField) - thx SimplyTheBOSS
* Fixed large memory leak in "Fix common errors" - thx XhmikosR
* Fixed bug in "frame-up-down-box" - thx Markus
* Fixed sometimes missing color in Blu-ray sup files - thx minhjirachi
* Fixed bug in undo when starting with no subtitle - thx Siegwarth
* Fixed font end tag in SSA/ASS - thx Milad
* Fixed bug in "Add missing dashes" + "remove unneeded spaces" - thx Andrew
* Fixed bug in "Fix missing spaces"
* Version number in Romanian translation so now it's possible to use it
* Removed batch-convert prompt asking for PAC encoding
* Fixed possible crash when opening a video file
* Fixed auto-br issue when split was made at a blank at "max length+1" - thx XhmikosR
* Fixed crash when last used spelling dictionary was deleted
* Fixed links for French, Polish, and Romanian spell check dictionaries

v3.1 [3 Feb 2011]
Change log:
* New: Collaboration via the internet ("Networking", also has chat)
* New: Auto-backup (never, every minute, every 5th minute, or every 15th minute - thx swedelandster)
* New: Video player/controls/wave form can now be un-docked (e.g. for ppl for multiple monitors)
* New: Spell check via Word (Options -> Settings:General -> Spell checker)
* New: Edit original subtitle (Options -> Settings:General:Allow edit of original subtitle - thx for testing Luis)
* New: Wave form control can adjust play rate (slow, normal, fast, and very fast - vlc player only)
* New: Ability to remember the last selected line when re-opening subtitles (thx Frederic)
* New: Now remembers video file and original subtitle (thx Luis)
* New: Support for the subtitle format "Quicktime text" (two variations) + Scenarist + Adobe Encore
* New: Added "Chars/sec" info to textbox in main window (thx Kerensky)
* New: Options to choose font color and background color (for list view/text-boxes)
* New: Can now import VobSub subtitles embedded in Matroska (.mkv) files (thx mosu for mkv info + thx hawk for testing)

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